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My Favourite White Noise CD

by whitenoisecd on June 2, 2010


I have created a brand new White Noise CD which is now available on Amazon. Hooray!! It took me a while to make as I wanted to address a number of issues that I was having with previous white noise products.

1. This is 60 minute continuous track, so no need to keep getting up and replaying

2. The sound quality is really high. I made sure I got extremely precise digital equipment to recreate pure white noise

3. The white noise subtly changes over the course of 60 minutes which makes it a lot more comfortable to listen to than static white noise which can drive you mad and really strain your ears at the same time.

White Noise for Tinnitus, Colic, Baby Relaxation, Sound Masking

Its pretty much the same sound you get from a $100 white noise machine, but it costs less than $10.  Well worth it if your looking for top white nose.

Check it out here.


If you are looking for the digital version you can download immediately, then check out the white noise mp3 version of this  product here:


Choosing the Best White Noise CD

by whitenoisecd on May 22, 2010

If you have a white noise maker you may wonder how to purchase the best possible white noise CD available for your purposes.  In order to do this, you need to understand the difference between white noise and pink noise and which one will be better suited to your purposes.  Once you determine this, then you need to discover the types of noise that are most soothing to you and research the CD that will suit your personal taste, needs and budget.  Rainforest Sounds are also wonderful.

White noise is basically all noises on all frequencies being played at once.  The purpose of this is to mask other ambient noises so they are blocked out, allowing you to sleep easier, have additional privacy, relax or concentrate more fully or just for that nature sounds experience.  Many CDs contain soothing sounds and while are not a pure white noise CD are still considered to be in the same family.  Pink noise is similar except that the difference is that the amplitude decreases continually so there is an emphasis on the low end.

Both types will work well with sound machines.  You can go on the Internet and view the different CDs that are available and listen to samples before determining which ones you want.  One of the more popular options is to get a CD that has a variety of different types of sounds.  You may choose to get some that depict water sounds as well as appliance noises, wind, ocean, nature sounds and more.  For infants, you may want to get a baby white noise CD that depicts womb sounds that can be very comforting for a newborn.

Make sure you get good quality sound recordings and see if there are samples available for you to listen to before purchasing.  You can choose to purchase sound files in just your preferred sound types or you can get a variety of different sounds so that you can mix and match or use at different times with different people.

Adults and a White Noise CD

by whitenoisecd on April 2, 2010

A white noise CD can be used for people of all ages.  Children and infants often use such white noise cds to promote white noise sleep when it is difficult to get to sleep or to stay asleep.  They also often use it for concentration, especially with children who have ADD or ADHD.  However, adults often use a white noise album also for similar purposes.  However, there are additional uses adults typically use it for including privacy, relaxation, meditation and for medical purposes.

A white noise can be used on adults for sleep purposes.  Anyone who has trouble sleeping can use white noise to drown out other sounds in the area, essentially masking the nuisance of noise that can prevent sleep.  The CD can be used to lull the person to sleep in a more relaxing environment.

Relaxation is another reason for using a white noise CD or if your looking for tinnitus relief. When you have a long day filled with stress the soothing sounds emanating from the white noise generator can melt all your troubles away and rejuvenate you enough to be in a better mood and allow you to get on with the rest of your day.  Many people use white noise machines to supplement meditation exercises.  It allows the person to more thoroughly focus on the task at hand.  You will be more pleasant and lively throughout the day.

Those who work in an environment where there are others within close proximity often use white noise makers in order to enhance privacy.  People who work in cubicles are especially likely to use these devices so conversations are not overheard and there is a greater feeling of seclusion than is typically found in such an office environment.

Tinnitus is another reason people may use a white noise CDs.  It has been found to reduce the annoying effects of ringing in the ears.  A physician may prescribe the use of a white noise tinnitus machine in order to alleviate any discomfort.


Using White Noise Devices for Privacy

by whitenoisecd on March 1, 2010

A white noise MP3 or other white noise maker helps keep private conversations private, even with people a room away.  White noise CD technology produces sounds which sound similar to waterfalls, rushing water or even wind and leaf noise.  The sound generated by any type of white noise generator is pleasant to the listener and the sound can actually be quite loud without causing people discomfort.

How Does a White Noise machine work?

A white noise CD has white noise recorded onto the CD and is played through any CD player.  The white noise on the CD will vary and can include nature sounds, ocean waves, rain and other sounds that are modulated with the artificially created white noise as well.  The white noise machine reproduces the sound from the white noise album and fills the room with the sound.

How Do White Noise Systems help with Privacy?

A white noise CD is a great way to mask the sound of a conversation in another room.  In a situation such as a therapist’s office where conversations are taking place a room away, white noise devices can be employed in the waiting room to prevent other clients from hearing conversations that are going on in that room.

How do I Properly Use the White Noise CD?

White noise is often set at volume levels lower than what normal music listening volume would be.  However, this does not provide the best level of privacy.  Because white noise makers are designed to be ignored, it is very easy to turn up the volume to a point where it is still comfortable to hear but is actually louder than what normal music would be.  When this happens, people in the room will still be able to tolerate the volume and even carry on a conversation with someone else in the room but the white noise will prevent them from being able to hear any conversations that are subdued.


Using White Noise Tinnitus Machines

by whitenoisecd on February 23, 2010

There are many uses for a white noise CD and one of the best is to use it to help with tinnitus.  White noise masking is a common therapy for sufferers of tinnitus who find they have difficulties sleeping.  Because of this, white noise machines, white noise mp3 players and white noise CDs are all prescribed or suggested by a doctor or other medical professional to help the person sleep.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition where the person hears ringing in the ear when there is no external reason for the ringing to take place.  Tinnitus itself has many causes, including ear infections, wax build-up or allergies, however, the most common cause is from hearing loss and specifically hearing loss caused by loud noises.  Many people have mild tinnitus which affects them only occasionally or only in a slight manner.  Other people find that they suffer greatly because the tinnitus affects the person’s ability to hear normal conversation or prevents them from going to sleep.

How does a White Noise CD or other White Noise Generator Help with Tinnitus?

A white noise sound machine such as a White Noise CD in a CD player generated sounds that help the listener focus on sounds other than their tinnitus.  White noise technology is designed to aid in sleep by giving the person something soothing to listen to and focus on, rather than the constant hum that tinnitus sufferers have to hear.  While it does not cure the person, nor treat the tinnitus in any way, many tinnitus sufferers have found that white noise, as well as pink noise, helps them ignore their tinnitus symptoms so they can fall asleep much more quickly.  Because there is no cure for hearing loss caused by loud noises and the accompanying tinnitus, the best that can be done for those tinnitus sufferers is to help treat the symptoms with a white noise CD when they interfere in their life.

Use a White Noise Maker for Many Purposes

by whitenoisecd on January 31, 2010

A white noise generator uses white noise in order to emit soothing sounds for various purposes.  A white noise machine is used by adults, teenagers, children, toddlers and infants for a multitude of purposes.  White noise sleep is the primary reason for using a sound machine or nature sounds machine.  In adults it can provide calming sounds to promote slumber and for children it can provide familiar sounds that are comforting and allow for prolonged and faster sleep.  But a white noise MP3 can also be used for relaxation, privacy, meditation, concentration and for medical purposes.

White noise is perfect for both relaxation and meditation and is often used during massages, acupuncture or yoga classes to enhance the relaxing ambiance of the area.  It allows the person to more fully focus on their meditation and breathing in order to get the most out of the session.  White noise makers are ideal additions for relaxation and meditation.

People who work or study in busy environments may find a white noise download the perfect solution for privacy concerns.  The white noise song will provide a sense of privacy and will drown out the ambient noises coming from your study area or cubicle.  You can talk or make telephone calls without others hearing everything.

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is a pesky medical condition.  Physicians often recommend using a white noise album to alleviate discomfort and irritation from the effects and symptoms of tinnitus.  Those who suffer from it report an increased quality of living when a white noise CD is used frequently.

ADD or ADHD sufferers who have difficulty concentrating often use white noise CDs to drown out other noises so they can focus more fully on the task at hand.  The soothing sounds that come from the device will allow the sufferer to ignore anything else going on around them so they can concentrate their attention on what needs to be accomplished.

Baby White Noise CD: Choosing The Right One.

by whitenoisecd on January 31, 2010

Many people are familiar with using a white noise sound machine to help adults sleep when in a noisy environment.  Instead of the ambient noises that can be distracting, the white noise generators emit nature sounds or water sounds to lull the person to sleep.  However, adults are not the only ones who can benefit from using a white noise CD.  Younger people, especially infants, toddlers and children can benefit from using these devices.

White noise CDs for baby generally consists of soothing sounds the baby is familiar with.  Often this includes womb sounds that are very comforting to the baby and what he us used to from being in the womb for nine months.  Instead of the shock of the real world and all those unfamiliar sounds, the baby will instead hear the same sounds he has listened to.  For babies and toddlers who have trouble falling asleep this is an ideal solution.

For children’s white noise listen to a sample to get an idea of what will be included on the CD.  Often there is a mix of soothing womb sounds and familiar household sounds.  When you have a colicky baby it is often recommended to run the drier or vacuum as this may be soothing to the child.  A baby white noise MP3 will have those same sounds without having to plug in and use the actual devices around the home.

Older children can also benefit from using white noise generators.  In addition to promoting sleep the white noise CD can also assist in concentration and focus.  For children who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD or ADHD) the use of white noise or even pink noise is perfect for cutting through distractions to help the child concentrate on the task at hand.  It can be used in classroom settings or at home for homework or other chores.


Uses for a White Noise Machine

by whitenoisecd on January 31, 2010

From sufferers of tinnitus to people simply looking to relax, there are many different uses for a White Noise machine.  For white noise users, Music the white noise MP3/CD offers advantages over other white noise generators such as purpose built white noise systems.  However, any white noise maker is going to be used to help with the same problems.

One common use of white noise is to help tinnitus sufferers sleep and better focus in quiet environments.  Whether using white noise CDs or white noise tinnitus machines to produce white noise, those with tinnitus are able to block out and ignore the ringing sound in their ears.  For many, they find that white noise drowns out the ringing sound allowing the person to more easily fall asleep and not notice the sound while trying to work.  For some environments, Make money white noise mp3 technology is even better, allowing the person to listen through their mp3 players, rather than having to have everyone listen.

Another common use of white noise machines is in doctor’s, attorney’s and therapists offices.  By placing a white noise maker in the reception area and having the volume turned up sufficiently, it keeps people in the waiting area from being able to make out the distant forex trading conversations in other rooms.  For the doctor or attorney wanting privacy, using a white noise CD can help assure that privacy.

Finally, people will use white noise sound machines to help fall asleep; either for the night or to help facilitate power naps.  For everyone, from high school students to high powered executives who have discovered the benefits of a power nap, a sleep sound machine can help make the power nap start quicker and block out any outside noise during the time of the sleep.  For those who find they are easily distracted when trying to sleep, a white noise CD can make all the difference in getting to sleep quickly.

Purchasing White Noise CDs for Baby and Adult

by whitenoisecd on January 31, 2010

There are many uses for a white noise CD when used with white noise systems.  White noise masking will help you sleep better, allow you to focus, relax you and give you a sense of privacy.  When you start looking around for a CD, you need to know what kinds of CD are available for download and what your preferences are before purchasing it.

A white noise tinnitus machine may be better with certain types of sounds while a baby white noise CD may be appropriate for other uses.  Not only do you need to know what kind of sound is more appropriate but also what your preferences are.  A sleep sound machine is one that will block out the other ambient noises in the environment so you can get a good night’s sleep.  For adults some of the more popular white noise CD types include nature sounds like croaking frogs or chirping crickets.  Also popular are ocean sounds, wind, rain, babbling brooks and thunderstorms.  However, for babies who have a problem sleeping the most frequently downloaded white noise sleep CD includes womb noises.  This creates a familiar sound and environment that is comforting for the baby.

A white noise CD that is being used instead for relaxation or meditation may use different sounds such as wind or rain in very calming tones.  Children often use sound machines for concentration, especially those who have ADD or ADHD.  The sounds help the child focus on the task at hand.

Before purchasing a CD for white noise listen to samples to ensure sound quality and type.  It should have the type of sound you prefer in a good quality.  You may choose to purchase separate CD’s for each person or type of sound you prefer.  Or, you may choose to get a mix of CD so that the sounds you hear through the recording vary over time.

Children Using a Pure White Noise CD

by whitenoisecd on January 31, 2010

Many adults use a sound machine to play a white noise  for multiple purposes.  Primarily it is used for promoting sleep but can also be used for relaxation, privacy and concentration.  Infants and toddlers often use a white noise sound machine in order to sooth and comfort with sound from the womb.  This is especially useful for infants who have colic.  However, older children and teenagers can also benefit from the use of white noise devices.

While pure white noise can be used for sleep with older children and teens, typically it is not as common to have sleep issues with this age segment.  However, more and more children are being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder commonly referred to as ADD or ADHD.  Symptoms of this include problems concentrating and a short attention span which can cause issues at home and at school.  With the use of a baby white noise CD, though, children can concentrate more fully on their tasks.

A white noise song is used to help drown out other noises that can be distracting to the child.  The sound machine can play any number of sounds such as running water, thunder storms, static, vacuum noises, nature sounds or the ocean.  The soothing sounds will block other distractions and allow for better concentration.

Before choosing white noise CDs, though, make sure you sample the files before purchasing.  For white noise listen to the sample first to ensure you are purchasing a sound that will be soothing and pleasant.  If the child does not like a particular noise it will defeat the purpose.  A white noise download is a great way to accomplish tasks without distraction.  It can be used effectively in the classroom during study time or at home for homework or chores.